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    THZ™ offers a portfolio of modern business services, solutions, and innovations optimizing business assets and investments. Digital marketing, process improvements, customer experience enhancements, revenue generation, and other business growth scenarios developed directly with industry thought the leaders. Cost Management through project control and strategic asset management, utilizing high performance teams and Agile project tools. In the digital services, solutions and innovations programs every project has a critical performance requirement; ensuring optimal customer experience, revenue and profit. In a perfect digital world, we would have seemingly unlimited processing, memory, storage and bandwidth resources. Achieving optimal performance starts at the user application, then the server for processing, memory, storage, operating system and then bandwidth and speed.

    THZ™ offers Dedicated Servers with CentOS 7 platform which is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Running Plesk the leading WebOps hosting platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses. Dedicated open source servers and cloud-based data centers for development, prototype and production environments. THZ has many techniques to speed up your server, applications and decrease page load times including optimizing cache, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, images, content delivery networks and more. THZ is positioned to help clients leverage the availability of fiber, higher bandwidth and internet speeds up to ten times faster including recently unheard of “symmetrical” service. Combining website, server, cloud, and next generation fiber network enhancements will bring US home and business technology to paradigm shifting levels.