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Customer Experience FAQ

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) is the way your customer sees, hears and feels about your business or brand. Customer experience results from every touch point and interaction a customer has with your business. The customer experience is gained over the relationship with your brand throughout their customer journey including traditional & digital touch points and personal interactions, accumulating over a span of seconds or even decades of exposure.

What is Customer Experience Optimization?

Customer experience optimization requires the entire customer experience process maturity model evaluation and optimization road map. Customer Experience Optimization can be best accomplished by first identifying the current customer experience maturity level(s) the business or brand has achieved for its customer experience process, characteristics, journey, and other key CX factors. Then subsequent maturity levels can be achieved through incremental improvements with short, medium, and long terms goals and activities.

What is Customer Experience Maturity Model? 

Customer Experience Maturity Model is a five level customer experience model ranging from a level 1 chaotic, ad-hoc customer experience maturity level to a fully optimized level 5 maturity. It is highly recommended that companies do not try to achieve level 5 customer experience maturity without progressing through levels 2, 3, or 4. This is counterproductive because each level forms a necessary platform for the next.

What is Customer Experience Journey Mapping?

Customer Experience Journey Mapping is the process of identifying all customers engagements, touch points, and interactions the customers have had with your business’ digital and traditional ecosystem.

What is Customer Experience Customer Engagement?

Customer Experience customer engagement is the action the customer or company takes to make identifiable contact with each other for a wide range of business reasons.

What is Customer Experience Personal Identity Information (PII)?

Customer Experience Personal Identity Information (PII) is the authenticated personal identity information securely stored through ‘blockchain’ data structures used in some distributed ledgers typically only when level 5 maturity is achieved.

What is Customer Experience Data Unification?

Customer experience data unification is the process of collecting and de-duplicating customer personal identity information and associated KPI data throughout the entire customer journey.

What is Customer Experience Personalization?

Customer Experience Personalization provides a mechanism to provide customer-centric individually optimized engagement and content at the right time and place throughout their customer journey.